Toucan has a couple of spaces suitable for meetings. We use them ourselves, but they are available to community organizations and businesses. They are especially suitable for anyone who needs a place for an off-site meeting that is infused with the creative spirit.


Please call or email to reserve.


The Red Table sits in a corner of the Toucan ground-floor gallery space. This space can accommodate 2 - 4 people at a mid-century kitchen table, surrounded by creative inspiration, reference materials, some art and design supplies, a white board, and a pin-up board.

This space is available to use for free by anyone during Toucan's regular business hours.



The Toucan Academy Studio/Classroom is in the basement at Toucan and while primarily used for art and design classes, it is a great place for a creative meeting. It can accommodate up to about 10 people in a variety of configurations. One whole wall is whiteboard and another whole wall is pin-up board. A digital projector is available along with a projection screen.

This space is available free to non-profit organizations and can be rented for $35/hour by for-profit companies.

Art and design supplies and/or creative facilitation services can be supplied upon request.