Draw Yourself Out! : A "4-Quadrant" Drawing Workshop

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Draw Yourself Out! : A "4-Quadrant" Drawing Workshop


The Date: Sunday, September 22th

The Time: 10AM - 4PM

The Place: At the foothills of the Beartooths outside of Fishtail, Montana. The site of this workshop is a 60 minute drive from Billings. Directions will be provided to participants after registration. If anyone is interested, carpooling can be coordinated once everyone is registered.

The Cost: $85 per person. Lunch is included and will be prepared and served on site. (Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions).

The Registration: Please click the “Purchase” button below and follow to prompts to apply online, or call us at (406)252-0122, or just come by in person!

The Course: Drawing is one of the oldest forms of human visual expression. But drawing is more than making pictures, more than making art, even. Drawing is an essential tool for understanding and perpetuating the human condition. In this workshop we will explore drawing in 4 "quadrants" – Observation, Imagination, Communication, and Introspection. No matter your skill level, this workshop is for anyone interested in exploring how to draw, as well as how to use drawing as a fundamental mode of seeing and understanding the world, your self, and the relationship of each to the other, whether it be in service to art or not.

Each drawing/learning quadrant will be explored in a guided environment beginning with instruction and conversation, after which participants will disperse into the landscape to draw individually. We will then reconvene as a group to engage in conversation around the work just completed. This pendulum from group to individual to group is an essential component of the workshop and will be repeated multiple times throughout the course of the day.

The Materials: 9 x 12 sketchbook (we will produce a lot of drawings so, if not a new sketchbook or drawing pad, at least one that has a lot of unused pages). Drawing pencils, Charcoal, Ink pen(s)

If you want to use color: Prismacolor pencils, Pastels, Markers

As this is a sketchbook class, dry media will work well. If you are comfortable working with watercolor in a sketchbook, feel free. Portable materials will be necessary, however. A watercolor sketchbook, brushes, a portable palette, small jar for water, etc., watercolor pencils or watercolor markers might be interesting too.

If you have any questions about materials, please contact Toucan.

The Instructor: This workshop will be facilitated by Mark Alan Sanderson who, after receiving his Master of Architecture degree (in the context of which he initially learned to draw, back when architectural education was built on a foundation of drawing) and working for a time in the traditional profession of architecture, acted on his frustration with that "traditionalness" and opened his own unorthodox design practice, Imagimark! However, after many years, and still not entirely satisfied with his contribution to the human condition, he pursued various other ventures and side hustles (including the one where he and his wife purchased an art gallery called Toucan in Billings, Montana) until today, when and whereby he works as a writer, illustrator, speaker, and consultant, doing business as Productive Imagination, and evangelizing (so to speak) for an architecture of human being powered by an engine of making human progress. He is currently working on a book about this very thing.

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