Toucan Has A New Website

Toucan has a new website. We've updated it to better reflect the growth of Toucan. Toucan has never really just been an "art gallery." It's a place in downtown Billings, Montana that represents the creative spirit of our city and our region. Our historic space is infused with this spirit with more than 30 area artists work on display, and now we'll be offering art and design classes on a regular basis, offering some expanded creative services, and making our studio and classroom spaces available to community companies and organizations. We're introducing some new community events as well, in addition to our continued participation in the ever popular ArtWalk. Nothing is changing at the store, we're just adding some things to increase our reach and help us remain healthy and vibrant in our community. In any case, we hope you will join us. We always hope you will join us.

To better align with Toucan's being more than just an art gallery (because, really, Toucan was a frame shop even before it was an art gallery), the Toucan website is moving from to (Just google "toucan billings" and you'll find us too). A subtle change, perhaps, but one that better aligns with the spirit and future of what Toucan is and will be.

The new Toucan website is the best place to find out what's going on at Toucan. And this new Toucan Feed will be regularly updated with news and information, artwork and photos. Bookmark to check in on a regular basis.

We'll see you downtown.