There's Lots of Stuff on the Floor

People always know when Toucan is getting ready for an ArtWalk because there is usually a lot of stuff on the floor.


The week of ArtWalk, paintings and pottery and glass, everything comes off of ledges and shelves and tables and hooks and nails and ends up on the floor.

New cards and new jewelry and new whatever else that have arrived for the season are liberated from recently received boxes and envelopes.

Everything is arranged and rearranged and arranged some more until by Friday evening, Toucan is refreshed and ready, all dressed up and made up and trembling with nervous anticipation, ready to stay open late for the hundreds upon hundreds of people who will arrive and mingle and converse over the four hours of what is one of Billings, Montana's best representations of a community of people gathering together, to look at art, sure, but mostly just getting out so as to be out together, like a, well, like a community. 

The Spring ArtWalk in downtown Billings is May 1, 2015 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.