Current Artists include:

Cristina Marian Albin

Sarah Angst

Brooke Atherton

Renee Audette

Annie Bailey

Danny Bealer

Barbara Bryan

Dick Buckley

Kathy Burk

Liz Chappie Zoller

Melissa Contreraz

Kari Copland

Angie Craigwick

Chad Cumin

Steve Degenhart

Len Eckel

John Felten

Samantha French

Susan Gellner

Theresa Gong

Maria Gotta

Beth Gregory

Matt Guenthner

Louis Habeck

Mandy Heimbuch

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

Betina Johnson

John Lawson

Jodi Lightner

Julie Logan

Brent Long

Ona Magaro

Kelsey McDonnell

Betsy McGee

Abby McMillan

Ryan Mitchell

Brooke Moore

Kate Morris

Sarah Morris

Lynn Munns


Allison O'Donnell

Clay Pape

Jordan Pehler

Pat Ritter

Lynn Silbernagel

Katie Sisum

Delon Slevira

PJ Smith

Carol Spielman

Christine Sutton

Diane Teske Harris

Sue Tirrell

Jess Tode

Hailey Vidmar

David Vogel

Traci Wolff

In one of Billings, Montana's oldest and largest gallery spaces, Toucan shows the work of more than 40 emerging and established, local and regional, contemporary artists. These artists range from Montana mainstays to newly minted MFAs to enterprising entrepreneurs making and selling their creative wares – from the decorative to the functional to the collectible. The gallery provides a continually changing aesthetic experience as new artists are regularly brought into the mix, and with Toucan dedicated to its mission of promoting art for everyone, the price points remain reasonable, the art attainable.